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Thursday, July 27, 2006
How Children are not Boring.
After seeing the post on In A Shoe about the mother who thinks her children are painfully boring, I admit, I followed the link to read the article written by this mother. How very sad that she finds her children boring. I am completely astonished that anyone could find there children boring. I do not have boring children at all! In fact, I decided to list some of the exciting things my children do.

-- my 4yr old Andrew likes to dance to whatever music that he hears even if it is a concerto. But he is not the only one... my oldest Steven has put together many a strange dance where you can't help but laugh. Of course that is what he is trying to accomplish.

-- Brandon, our 8 yr old, use to climb up the walls, literally!

-- They love to see what can be flushed down the toilet. In fact, my husband learned that the round will of a Tinker Toy set will go down the toilet and when it does it expands and there is no way to get it out and the toilet will have to be replaced (thank heavens for San Antonio Recycle!)

-- They have been know to be quite creative with coming up with sandwitch creations and drink creations. That they will actually eat but no one else will.

-- All of my sons have vivid imaginations. In fact when Andrew was younger he had not one but several imaginary friends in which he carried on long conversations with. I could watch him forever and just laugh my head off watching him talk to one friend (Imaginary) and then turn to the other imaginary friend and talk. You could almost be convinced that he really was talking to friends but we just couldn't see them.

These are only a small fraction of the non boring things that my children do. So as you can see I have never known a boring child.

  posted at 7/27/2006  


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