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Monday, December 11, 2006
So Tired!
I have been so incredibly tired with this pregnancy. I don't even think I was this tired with my first and I was working full time in a very stressful job as a police dispatcher. I sleep and wake up still tired. I went to church yesterday with my family came home and took a nap. Well my husband didn't wake me up and I slept till 1am. I got up and was still tired. This is so frustrating to me right now. I have so many things to get done with the holidays coming up and I am just not getting anything done. It would be different if I could take a nap and feel rested when I got up or even rested when I got up from a good night sleep, but I don't just tired. I just don't have any ideas on how to feel more rested. Any ideas for this very tired mama?

  posted at 12/11/2006  

Friday, December 08, 2006
Geneva Bible Pages

Looking for a unique gift. Than here it is. You can buy an original Geneva Bible leaf preserved in a 11" x 14" wood frame between 2 panes of glass and double matted. Also has a solid brass plate that reads "Original Leaf, Geneva Bible A.D. 1566-1644". It comes with a certificate of authenticity. It is a wonderful and unique gift for anyone. To purchase go to Geneva Bible Pages.
Also they are having a contest to win one of these. Go here to find the rules to learn how to enter the contest but you must hurry as you only have until midnight Dec. 8 to enter.

  posted at 12/08/2006  

Disappointed...but expected
Well I finally heard from my midwife yesterday and since I have had two c-sections she can no longer take me as a client. I had a feeling that this would be the case but without knowing there was still hope, but now that hope is all gone. It is sad to me that not only will it be unlikely to find a doctor who will even allow me to attempt a VBAC (in fact most if not almost all of the doctors here in town won't even do a VBAC after only one c-section)but most sad that our midwife will not be envolved with this pregnancy. I have absolutly loved our midwife. She was a perfect fit for our family. She delievered my first son. Did a couple of prenatal visits with my second son than we moved to Ohio. We had one midwife who delivered our second son who than retired and so we had a different midwife deliver our 3rd son. We moved back here to Texas and she did all the prenatals on my 4th, and 5th sons and our 1st daughter. Although she did not actually deliver the last three. She did stay by my side throughout my entire birth of my 4th son. We went to hospital for a non-stress test,as I was two weeks late, and since the doctors didn't want me to leave they lied to us and induced my labor (of course they admited they had no evidence to support what they said after it was too late for me to leave and that I didn't have the pre-eclampsea that they said I did). I was induced with pitocin and NO epidual or pain meds. This was the most horrible pain I have ever endured and I had severe back labor in several labors not to mention my daughter putting her shoulder in my back for the entire time I was in labor. Still not as bad as being induced. But our midwife was there for me the entire time. She wanted me to have a girl just about as much as I did and rejoiced with me when we found out I was having one. She has been wonderful and it is sad to know that she will not be a part of this pregnancy. Now starts the task of trying to find a doctor that I can trust. I have not had a good experience with doctors who deliever babies. Let's see being lied to, being told that I was being mistreated by my midwife who didn't have my best intrest at heart, etc. This is a very scary prospect to me and I don't know exactly where to start. I do know that I will be calling my midwife to see what she knows about the doctors in town and do know that I will not be using the doctor that delievered Katie since he is in practice with a doctor our midwife refers to as dr. Evil and from everything I have heard that is a well earned title.

  posted at 12/08/2006  

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Happy 5th Birthday, Andrew!

Today is our 4th sons birthday. So in honor of the occasion I will list 5 things you should know about Andrew.

1. He has a very active imagination. When he was younger he had not one, not two, but a whole host of imaginary friends, that he would carry on long conversations with. Just like you would with a group of friends.

2. He is very much like his Daddy. In fact, he acts more like his Daddy then any of his brothers did and even more like his Daddy than his Daddy did.

3. If you call him by one of his other brothers names he will not be shy and will very clearly tell you, " I'm ANDREW!". With just a slight hint of irritation that you would call him by any other name than his because you should know HIS name.

4. He likes to boss around his younger brother and sister and the cat.

5. He has many "Andrewisms". For example, there is the saying, "Goodnight don't let the bed bugs bite." So Andrew's take on this is, "Don't let the bugs out." He also is very dramatic. If he gets a cut and is bleeding he will say, "I'm dying... I don't want to die!" But on the other hand if you try to explain that certain things are dangerous and he could get hurt he tells me, "It okay Mama, I won't die. I'll be okay."

These are just a handful of things about my boy Andrew.

Happy Birthday, Andrew! I love you! You are the best Andrew I have.

  posted at 12/07/2006  

Is your grammer gooder than mine?
Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
Make a Quiz

Now seriously I don't know how I got it all right. I know that I am a terrible speller and although I do well with grammer there are a few things I still get mixed up on all these years later.

  posted at 12/07/2006  

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