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Monday, March 31, 2008
Check this out!
My real life friend has entered the blogging world. Go check out her first post and welcome her. Here's the link.

  posted at 3/31/2008  

Monday, March 24, 2008
Easter Photos

Here are my two girls all dressed up in the Easter dresses and bows made by mommy.
Then me and girls and one of all of the kids and myself.

  posted at 3/24/2008  

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Blogging by Mail: Little Things Mean a Lot

Well I got my Blogging By Mail Package today. It was from Chrispy over at Pursuit of Fiber . It was a wonderful package. We also both enjoy crafts so she included some of those kinds of things also.
This is what she included:
1. Vanillin - this is flavored vanilla sugar from Germany (2 pkgs)
2. A small notebook
3. some saffron powder
4. measuring spoons - dash, pinch, etc.
5. small strainer
6. cupcake magnet - to make my girls smile (I smiled too love cupcakes)
7. Lindt Chocolate from Saudi
8. Pectin for low sugar jams
9. The food loop to tie up food while cooking
10. Two small natural soaps
11. A sampling for her favorite teas
12. Litchi Gummies from an Asian grocery
13. Homemade poultry spice rub
14. ribbons to create pretties for my girls
15. a knitting pattern and 3 things of yarn.
I was so excited to get this package there is such unique things contained in it. Can't wait to try these things out.
Thanks so much Chrispy!

  posted at 3/19/2008  

Mega Launch Party
Mega Launch Party!
Click on the above button to go to Mommies United. They are having a launch party.
The faces of Mommies United are Christine whos blog is From Dates to Diapers, Kristin whos blog is An Ordinary Life, Amandawhos blog is Amanda, and Shanda whos blog is Parents with Style. I have read Christine's blog From Dates to Diapers for sometime now but the other 3 bloggers are comepletely new to me. I look foward to getting to know them.

The 4 prizes I am most interested in are the following:

1. Fuzzy Me - birthday tutu
2. Chesapeake Ribbons - $25 gift certificate - I love her hair things
3. Baby & Me Boutique - $100 gift certificate
4. Baby Star - star swaddler blanket

So check out this party. Maybe you will meet some bloggy friends. I have met several different bloggy friends thru different ways and I am very glad I did.

  posted at 3/19/2008  

Thursday, March 13, 2008
March 12, 1994
It was 14 years ago on the above day that my hubby and I were married. It seems like such a short time 14 years yet so long in other. We have been thru alot in those 14 years. From newlyweds that both work different shifts me as a Police Dispatcher from 2pm - 10pm and he a security guard from 11pm - 7am. We have lived in 7 places during that time and two states. It also means that our oldest son is 13 years old. Our lives have been an adventure with good times and bad. But we are still together all these years later. We dated and were engaged for 2 years before we were married so we have been together for a total of 16 years, married 14. My hubby is strong, smart man who works hard for his family and I love him for it. He is good husband and wonderful dad. You enjoys spending time with his children.
Happy Anniversary Darling! I love you!

  posted at 3/13/2008  

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
New Button
I did it! I designed a button for my other web site where I show off all the things I make for my girls. You know like bows!

It's it pretty. Tell me what you think.

Princess Things

  posted at 3/12/2008  

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
My Ultimate Blog Party Post
Well hello there. If you are reading this you probably came over from 5 mins for mom.
Well let me introduce myself. I am Michelle and I am a stay at home mom of 7 children. We had 5 boys first and when I thought we would never have a girl and had given everything girly away, we found out a month before I was due that we were expecting a girl. We were completely shocked. We now have 2 girls and they are a joy as are my boys. Hubby and I have been married for 14 years as of March 12. On this blog I will post about all kinds of different things but they mostly stem around "Our Full House". As our house truly is full and we love it. So come and look around and stay for awhile if you like. We hope you come back later when the party is over. SO enjoy!

There are so many cool prizes to be won at this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, but my top three picks would be:

15 — $50 gift certificate to Kids Magical Wonder
76 — $25 Gift Certificate for Lily Cait
50 — 12 Basic Boutique Bows by MommyMandy.com

And if my top three picks are already chosen, I’d love any of the following (in order of preference):
56, 11, 60, 74, 77, 99, 122, 117, 140, 39, 34, 30, 12, 7, 59, 55, 130, 112, 49, 26, 22, 17, 1, 6, 3, 16, 85, 24, 45 or whatever else in any order especially things related to moms since I have 7 children.

  posted at 3/11/2008  

The Ultimate Blog Party
Ultimate Blog Party 2008

This week Five Mins for Mom is hosting the 2008 Blog Party be sure to check it out. Just click on the button above. Hope to see you there.

  posted at 3/11/2008  

Produce Terminal
If you are readers of Kim's at Life In A Shoe you heard about her trip to the Produce Terminal. But if not well my real life friend Kim and another friend made a trip the produce terminal in town a couple of weeks ago. After that trip they invited me and other friends at church and some family and outside friends to participate. A spreadsheet was made and Kim and Jenny braved the produce terminal this time armed with a list of things for 11 people in total. We met them to sort out the produce and pick up our order. For around $35 dollars or so I came home with the following:

10 lbs Jonagold Apples (they were so sweet and yummy and large)
6 avocados
10 lbs of Bananas (I am not a banana person but these were the best bananas I have ever eatten. If I had always eaten these I would be a banana person they were so sweet)
7 lbs of brocolli florets
4 cantalope
5 large cuccumbers
5 lbs nectarines
5 lbs strawberries
2 very large zucchini (did I say very large because they were huge)

I picked this up Friday afternoon and as soon as I got home left and the kids so only one banana a piece were eaten. Well by Sunday we had no bananas, no apples, no nectarines and no cantalopes left. We had only 1 gallon size ziplock of brocolli left. My oldest son ate a gallon and a 1/2 of brocolli in less than 24 hrs. I found these special steam bags at the store just toss in your food, seal it and cook in microwave. Perfectly steamed vegetable (or whatever you put in there) comes out.
We will definetly be ordering more in the weeks to come. Thanks so very much Kim and Jenny for all the work that goes into this and for offering to do it in the first place. We over hear are very greatful.

  posted at 3/11/2008  

Valentines Day Swap Received

Okay I know this is late in comeing. I received my Valentines Swap from Victoria at Just Call Me... . She sent me a wonderful Valentines package containing 1 bag of Hershey's Kisses with Caramel, 5 Whatchamacallits and a $5 Starbucks gift card. Yummy. Thanks Victoria it was wonderful!

  posted at 3/11/2008  

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